TOP Program 

You’re a fantastic singer. You know how important continuing education is for professionals and are always looking for easier and more natural ways to sing.  You’re a classically trained singer, but aren't confident enough yet to teach country music, or you’re a contemporary musical theater performer and want to better understand and teach classical musical theater styles.  Maybe you’re a rock singer, who wants to share your lifetime of experience and knowledge with students while increasing your own range and abilities.  You want new ideas and inspiration, but you don’t want to go broke to do it.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a steady stream of income and students, while being a part of a community of expert teachers that you could call on for support and questions?   Wouldn’t it be exciting to learn how to teach new styles of music and SING new styles of music?  Wouldn't it be wonderful to provide your students with unique performance opportunities as well as the best quality vocal education available?

Welcome to Higher Voice Studio’s Teacher Outreach Program! 
The first paid internship where talented and aspiring voice teachers learn through teaching, studying and singing. 

So, you've graduated from college with a degree or two in music or music education and now you want to start a voice studio.  Where do you begin?  

​How do you find students and build a studio?  Where do you teach?  How do you advertise?  What if you get started and have questions?

As a member of Higher Voice Studio's Teacher Outreach Program (TOP), you are both teacher and student.  Private students are handpicked for you based on your strengths, interests and schedule while you explore new and exciting ways to sing and educate.  

As a TOP Teacher, you study privately with Hilerie Klein Rensi, finding greater understanding of healthy technique while becoming fluent in the Higher Voice Studio Method™.  Hilerie Klein Rensi will personally oversee your development as a singer and teacher as well as the development of your students.  

TOP Teachers also enjoy an open door policy of auditing private lessons and they participate in TOP Studio Class, a forum designed just for you to discuss teaching methods, struggles and breakthroughs in a mutually respectful and supportive environment.  

All students and TOP Teachers are included in Higher Voice Studio Recitals and have the opportunity to participate in free masterclasses with Hilerie Klein Rensi and various guest lecturers.  Subjects include performing, technique, songwriting, audience connection, acting, musical expression, audio and video recording, body engagement and all aspects that affect singers in the music world.  

Being a TOP Teacher also gives you the platform to explore areas that interest you!  TOP Teacher Holly teaches Music Together® a program designed just for teaching music to ages 0-5, Evan teaches our Singer-Songwriter Workshops and Caitlin is spear heading our Sight Singing Ear Training class.

If you would like to bring your knowledge, expertise and experiences to the community of Higher Voice Studio while growing as a teacher and a singer, please contact Hilerie at