What happens at my first lesson?

Every student at Higher Voice Studio begins with an initial lesson consultation with Hilerie Klein Rensi, Higher Voice Studio's Owner & Founder.  The first lesson is where she learns about your strengths, experience level, background, musical interests, vocal health history and personal goals.  It's from here that an individual plan is developed and you are placed with the instructor that best fits your unique needs.  You talk a little, sing a little, and learn a little.  It's very relaxed and very fun.  

What if I'm nervous?

Who isn't nervous for their first lesson with a new teacher?  It doesn't matter how experienced you are or how many lessons you've taken in the past, singing for someone new is exciting, yes, but it's also a little scary....or, for some, a lot scary!  For some students, this is the first time they have sung in front of anyone before, ever.  But all students, no matter where they come from are welcomed with open arms, sensitivity, warmth and humor.  You have come to us because you want help and we are all here to help you every and any way that we can.  No matter how nervous you are, I can guarantee that you will leave your first lesson feeling better and singing better than you did when you walked in the door.

What should I bring?

You!  You are the instrument!   If you have a song that you like to sing, absolutely bring it.  If you have a whole binder of sheet music that you sing, then bring that too.  If you have a karaoke track that you sing along to, then throw that in.  Hilerie also has TONS of sheet music, so you can certainly use what she has- musical theater, classical, pop.  Sing what you are comfortable singing and whatever gives us the most accurate representation of your voice today.  That's what we want to hear.  It's our job to hear all the amazing things your voice will do tomorrow.

How do you pick the best teacher for me?

Higher Voice Studio is a collection of vocal educators that are as unique in their musical backgrounds and expertise as the students that they teach.  Each teacher has their own strengths, vision, experiences and areas of specialty, so depending on the student's goals and availability there is a teacher at Higher Voice Studio that will be the perfect match.  All teachers study privately with Hilerie Klein Rensi, so are extremely well trained and fluent in the Higher Voice Studio Method®, while bringing their unique perspective to the process.  

You can also jump around to different teachers in Higher Voice Studio.  Have an open mic night coming up?  Take a lesson with Evan.  Preparing your PMEA music?  Take a lesson from Caitlin.  Preparing your audition for the school musical?  Take a lesson from Holly.  Getting ready for your national tour?  Take a lesson from Hilerie.  Some of our students take lessons from two teachers simultaneously to work on different areas of their musical interests or just to get another set of ears.  

We are all not only very supportive colleagues, but good friends and we offer all that we know to every student of Higher Voice Studio.

Where is my first lesson?

All first lessons happen at Higher Voice Studio- 144 East Main Street, Carnegie, PA 15106.

What if I want to study with Hilerie?

Hilerie focuses on professional singers and students that are are looking towards a career in music.  Her high school students compete in the National Association of Teachers of Singing Competition on a Chapter, Regional and National Level.  All students in Higher Voice Studio have an opportunity to move into Hilerie's advance studio when they are ready and a regular lesson spot becomes available.  Hilerie also oversees the development of all students in Higher Voice Studio and hosts many of the free masterclasses, so is able to develop a relationship with each and every singer here.  

The beauty of Higher Voice Studio is that there is no wrong choice.  The teachers have all been hand picked and trained by Hilerie, so all of them carry her stamp of approval.  It is an honor to teach at Higher Voice Studio and one that every teacher feels most privileged to be a part of.

Do you teach hour lessons?

Yes, Holly, Evan & Caitlin all teach hour lessons depending on their availability, but due the unusually high demand, there is only a limited amount of hour lessons that Hilerie, Higher Voice Studio's founder, teaches per month. 

By scheduling a lesson you are agreeing to our payment and cancellation policies.

Higher Voice Studio, 144 East Main Street, Carnegie, PA 15106

New Voice Students of Higher Voice Studio

Private Voice Lessons

Hilerie - 45 Minute Session = $60 

Holly & Caitlin - 60 Minute Session = $60

or  30 Minute Session = $30




Initial 45 Minute Lesson with Hilerie- ONLY $60

($20 Registration Fee Waved For First Lessons 

Booked in June, July & August)

​-Lesson Book and CD are included in first lesson price.