Have you ever dreamed of playing the guitar like a pro? Just wailing away in front of a kickin rhythm section? Or maybe you’re dreamin of cool acoustic pickin on a Sunday afternoon. Either way, I’ve got you covered.

     Playing the guitar and singing has been a loving adventure for me for over 20 years! I’ve explored many styles and artists with a performers ear! And that’s because I’ve been performing as long as I’ve been playing, and learning all along the way! With each new song, new lick, new artist I discover, I bring it into my live shows. As I’ve grown in proficiency I’ve learned how to use music theory on the fly, but I’ve never lost sight of my number one goal: to have fun playing music! And that’s the way I teach, too. 

     In our first lesson you will tell me how to teach you! What do you think of that!? It’s cool, I’m flexible! We’ll go whatever direction you want to go! If you want to start by learning your favorite song, we’ll get right to it! If you want to start in technique and theory, we’ll get to it! Either way, we’ll fill in the gaps as we learn what you want to learn! Always keeping it fun and exciting! And if you love to sing, we’ll have even more fun! We can get to work learning both parts and taking it all to the stage!

     Acoustic or electric, pick your pleasure! All you need is a guitar and the willingness to practice and we’ll go to it! Let’s get started!

Guitar Lessons with Evan-

60 Minute Session = $60   
30 Minute Session = $30​​​

Guitar Lessons for Singers with Evan Dean