Evan Dean

Evan’s musical journey began in the church choir at age 5 where he learned the fundamentals of written music and vocal performance. Evan has performed with several choirs in Western PA including the San Damiano Concert Choir, the Third Presbyterian Church Choir, Central Catholic Men’s Choir, and Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Choir as a general member and a Baritone soloist. His love of choral music carried him on in the choir to age 19 when he graduated to Rock N Roll.  In over 25 years of experience in popular music as a lead singer and songwriter, Evan has performed in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, and New York.  He brings this extensive performance experience to bear as a vocal teacher to objective feedback on technique, expression and showmanship.

“Relax and have fun” is the starting point for Evan. “Explore your instrument to learn what you do well and what your style is.  Once you know that, we can get to work on the details of repertoire, expression and performance issues.”  This approach is relevant to all singers, but most especially to singer/songwriters. 

Evan is a freelance musician, voice teacher, and Licensed Social Worker in Pennsylvania. As a performing musician, and as a Social Worker, Evan uses music to heal the mind and spirit. He earned a B.A. in Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University in 2000, and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh in 2012.

As a teenager, songwriting was a hobby, and a dream. “I became more disciplined in my wiring when I entered the Creative Writing program. I learned the process of brainstorming, revision, editing and stage-testing my work.” His lyrics have been called "engaging, smart and visceral" by fans of his lyrics.  Evan has also published poetry and fiction in the Pittsburgh Review, and Carnegie Mellon University Press, among others.  Evan most values authenticity, imagination, and skill in his fellow writers, and these are the qualities he nurtures in his students. In the workshop, Evan's focus is on creating a supportive setting that encourages risk-taking and honest feedback as integral aspects of a dynamic creative process.

Currently, he is lead singer and guitarist in Evan Dean Band, an electric/acoustic group performing originals and covers from Classic Rock, Blues, and Soul genres.  Evan is the principal composer and lyricist on three original releases.  A fourth release entitled “Roll Away The Stone” is scheduled for 2016.