​She then returned to the states to teach concert band at Canon McMillan Middle School and upon graduation, she returned home to work with the Woodland Hills School District marching band and serve as the Vocal Director & Producer for the Junior High musical.  She has most recently returned from North Carolina where she was the Middle School Chorus, General Music Teacher and school Musical Director at Northwoods Park Middle School.  

She is very excited to join such an accepting team of educators at Higher Voice Studio, to continue her own growth as a singer and teacher, and to encourage the love of music in her own community. 

At a young age, Caitlin became involved with her school's chorus at St. Anselm's in Swissvale at the insistence of her mother, who also is an avid and talented singer. Under the direction of her friend and mentor at the church, Caitlin developed a love of all music genres, experimenting with unusual musical elements.

She went on to attend Woodland Hills High School where her vocal teacher fostered her love of singing.  Active in her school chorus, Caitlin was awarded the National School Choral Award for her dedication and commitment to the choral department and for excellence in choral participation and leadership.

​Continuing her music education at Duquesne University, Caitlin spent a semester student teaching in Dublin, Ireland as an elementary Choral Director and musical theater Vocal Director.  Her education at Duquesne revealed a new love of traditional solfege (using syllables to teach pitch and music reading) and folk music.  Her travels, combined with the richness of her teaching experiences abroad, provided her with opportunities to explore the combination of these traditional aspects with more contemporary knowledge. 

Caitlin Carlisle is a singer, vocal educator, conductor and director, and is the newest instructor at Higher Voice Studio.  She holds a B.S. in Music Education from Duquesne University.

Caitlin Carlisle